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Things You Should Know About But Probably Don't: Teefury

If you missed the first post in this series, this is my new blog series where I highlight absolutely awesome, weird, touching, disturbing, etc. ideas, people, places, or things that you need to know about in order to have a better life. Or a more fulfilled life. Whichever gets you to continue scrolling down .

Anyway, I realized it was about time for another update in this series, so I bring you:

Things You Should Know About But Probably Don't: TeeFury
a.k.a. I swear I'm not getting paid to advertise this

What Is It: TeeFury is this awesome website where artists can submit their illustrations for consideration to be printed on a t-shirt. The website prints the t-shirts by demand for a low price and the artist gets paid a part of each sale. Each print it sells is only available for 24 hours, however, so once it's gone, it's gone forever!

T-shirt subject matter ranges from artistic designs to Lost references to pop culture. Nerds and artists gather here and TeeFury is actually really great about communicating with it's community (as its fans are called). They'll often post up t-shirt ideas to see what they're fans think of it.

Why Should I Visit It: It's a great place to not only support independent artists but you also get awesome t-shirts. They're comfortable (100% ringspun cotton - I'm not sure what the ringspun means, but I can attest they are nice to wear) and they're relatively cheap. They also make great presents that you don't have to leave the house to get.

When you visit, you not only see the day's shirt print and what it will look like on a t-shirt (men and women sizes and styles available) but the site will also usually feature side art by the day's featured artist. You can comment about the t-shirt and can request side art to be printed (which the site may or may not do, there are a lot of ideas after all) as well as leave positive or constructive criticism for the artist.

Also, sometimes the artists have contests that TeeFury will announce, so you can not only buy the t-shirt but win stickers, a print, or even another t-shirt just by becoming a fan or following the artist. Who doesn't love free stuff?

TeeFury also offers forums for artists to talk about ideas and get feedback on current sketches they are working on.

How Much?: T-shirts are $9 plus a $2 shipping fee, but if you buy multiples you only have to pay for shipping once. Artists get paid $1 per sale, and as the site states, artists have made between $150 and $2,500; that's enough for a lot of Chipotle burritos.

What Do I Need to Know: The design changes everyday at 12am EST, so be sure you get it before it goes! The site occasionally has grab bag days. Grab bags are $5 t-shirts that can be any of the designs that have been offered since the last grab bag. If you're desperate for a certain design that you missed, this is your best bet, or try the forums on their website.

If you're still having questions, visit the FAQ area on the website!

Clothe Me In Awesomeness!: Visit the website that I have generously hyperlinked throughout this blog post, or if you're lazy, just click TeeFury.com.

Final Thoughts: Be adorned in epicness, and look out because this upcoming week is Art Week!

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